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Terms of Service

You are responsible for reading our terms of services as they regulate the use of and access to our Products and Services for you, your Affiliates, Agents and your Customers.

If you are not willing to observe these Terms and Conditions, we advise you to not use our software product.

To adhere to our Terms and Conditions, you must not license, sublicense, sell, rent, lease, distribute or otherwise commercially misuse or make the Services available to any other Third party.

We reserve the right to discontinue, suspend, withdraw or alter all or any part of our Website or Product. you are required to use a high-speed Internet connection for our Service or Product to function as intended. If for any reason our site is unavailable at any time as a result of poor connection then we shall not be held responsible. We will make our best efforts to make the Website and Product available to you at every time. However, if necessary we may have to make the Website or Product temporary unavailable for Maintenance or Updates. All such changes will be notified beforehand.

You are subjected to limit the number of Agents according to your Subscription plan. Each Agent is identified by a unique username and password. An Agent Login may only be used by one individual. You will not share the Agent Log in information among multiple users.

Accessibility of password protected or secure areas of our Website and Product are strictly limited to authorized personnel only. Any Unauthorized user that would attempt to access these areas of the Website and Products may be held accountable for prosecution.

Billing and Payment:

For all Subscription charges in accordance to your Subscription term, you hereby authorize Vista Helpdesk as applicable to bill your credit card or any other payment method to avail you of Vista Helpdesk's services.

Unless otherwise indicated to you by us, the Subscription charges are non-refundable. If you do not update the Payment Information and it results in failure of Payment for your Subscription term, we are liable to suspend or terminate the access of the service by you, Agents, your Affiliates and your Customers.

Copyright Material:

The material on this Website was prepared by or on behalf of Vista Helpdesk to provide you with information regarding our software product's operations and includes copyrighted property of Vista Helpdesk. You are permitted to print or download excerpts of this material only for your personal or non-commercial use. None of this material should be used for commercial or public use. Any other use of material taken from this Website will be considered illegal.

Links to Third Party Sites:

This site ( may contain links to websites which are not controlled by Vista Helpdesk. Thus we are not responsible for the contents or material of any linked site. While these links may be given for convenience to website visitors, the presence of any link does NOT imply Vista Helpdesk endorses it. You are responsible for making sure that whatever you select for your use is free of malware or other elements of destructive nature.

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