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Billed monthly(per agent per month) Free 3 Agents $7 per agent/month ($84/year)
Billed yearly(per agent per month) - $5 per agent/month ($60/year)
Auto ticket generation from email
Custom fields for create ticket form -
Custom ticket status, type and priority -
Multiple ticket listing views
Email notifications for agents & clients
Secure outgoing email service
Ticket file attachment size 1 MB 5 MB
Ticket merge & split as another ticket
Timer for time spent on ticket -
Email Alerts for team members
Internal and External ticket notes
Export multiple ticket data to CSV or excel -
Export whole ticket conversation to PDF -
Mark ticket as spam
Evaluate(Rate) tickets
Quick ticket and user filters
Advance ticket search options
Customizable email text
Automated ticket close rules
Built-in knowledge-base for users -
Article comments and approval method -
FAQs displayed in collapsible pull out panels -
Community Forums for discussion and announcements -
Internal and External topics -
Topics comments and approval method -
Restricted access for different departments
Create departments & assign agents to departments
Built-in feature to set access privileges
Delegate roles to staff members -
Separate Admin settings and rights -
Timezone co-ordination
Export Agents list -
Create a company, auto-grouping of their users
Client Notes
Auto or Manual client registration
Quick overview of clients under any company
Social networks sign in
Client import/export through CSV -
Self Service Client Portals with Social Media Login
Clients can create& track their tickets, manage profile
Responsive portal, easily accessible via mobile devices
Your unique customer self-service portal
System overview and graphical reports -
Interactive reports to visualize data, statistics -
SSL support for secure channels
End to End password encryption
Helpdesk customization with brand logo and favicon -
Staff members can only access data related to permission
Answer your communitys most FAQs with knowledge-base -
Unique support URL -
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