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Vista Helpdesk started with a simple mission to empower businesses of any size to connect with their customers like they're assisting them personally. Because we believe that it's what customers will remember. People are definitely going to remember if your customer service was terrific or terrible, Vista helpdesk is here to ensure that they don't remember the latter!

Vista Helpdesk is a cloud-based customer support platform. We thrive to be a customer-centric support platform rather than an issue-centric platform. The team at Vista Helpdesk ensures they are injecting humility and accountability into the development process so that creators are also the supporters. Vista Helpdesk is developed to scale with your business.

At Vista Helpdesk, everyone no matter what they're role is, jumps in and helps with supporting our customers. It's the thing about pro-actively listening to your customers. It gives you the direction where your products need to grow to better serve your customers. We use Vista Helpdesk ourselves to assist our customers, we never really thought how easy can it be to utilize learnings from customer support across all our departments. We learn about how the customers are interacting with our product, what do they most look for and what do they love the most. It has really helped shape Vista Helpdesk to what it is now and will continue to shape and grow it in the future.

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